November 23rd All Events

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November 23rd, 2007 (November 23 2007)EventMS Explorer, a cruise liner carrying 154 people, sank in the Antarctic Ocean south of Argentina after hitting an iceberg near the South Shetland Islands.
November 23rd, 2007 (November 23 2007)DeathJoe Kennedy, American baseball player (born in 1979)
November 23rd, 2007 (November 23 2007)DeathOscar Carmelo Sanchez, Bolivian footballer (born in 1971)
November 23rd, 2007 (November 23 2007)DeathPat Walsh, New Zealand rugby union footballer (born in 1936)
November 23rd, 2006 (November 23 2006)DeathNick Clarke, English radio presenter (born in 1948)
November 23rd, 2006 (November 23 2006)DeathBetty Comden, American lyricist (born in 1917)
November 23rd, 2006 (November 23 2006)DeathAlexander Litvinenko, Russian spy (born in 1962)
November 23rd, 2006 (November 23 2006)DeathPhilippe Noiret, French actor (born in 1930)
November 23rd, 2006 (November 23 2006)DeathAnita O Day, American singer (born in 1919)
November 23rd, 2006 (November 23 2006)DeathWillie Pep, American boxer (born in 1922)
November 23rd, 2005 (November 23 2005)EventEllen Johnson-Sirleaf, elected president of Liberia, is the first woman to lead an African country.
November 23rd, 2005 (November 23 2005)DeathConstance Cummings, American-born British actress (born in 1910)
November 23rd, 2005 (November 23 2005)DeathFrank Gatski, American football player (born in 1919)
November 23rd, 2004 (November 23 2004)DeathPete Franklin, American talk radio host (born in 1928)
November 23rd, 2003 (November 23 2003)EventGeorgian president Eduard Shevardnadze resigns following weeks of mass protests over flawed elections.Eduard Shevardnadze Quotes
November 23rd, 2002 (November 23 2002)DeathRoberto Matta, Chilean painter (born in 1911)
November 23rd, 2001 (November 23 2001)EventConvention on Cybercrime is signed in Budapest, Hungary.
November 23rd, 2001 (November 23 2001)DeathBo Belinsky, American baseball player (born in 1936)
November 23rd, 2001 (November 23 2001)DeathO.C. Smith, American singer (born in 1932)
November 23rd, 2001 (November 23 2001)DeathMary Whitehouse, Clean up TV campaigner
November 23rd, 1998 (November 23 1998)EventAgreement between Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and his rival, prince Norodom Ranariddh.
November 23rd, 1997 (November 23 1997)DeathJorge Mas Canosa, anti-Castro activist (born in 1939)
November 23rd, 1996 (November 23 1996)EventEthiopian Airlines Flight 961 is hijacked, then crashes into the Indian Ocean off the coast of Comoros after running out of fuel, killing 123.
November 23rd, 1996 (November 23 1996)EventThe Republic of Angola officially joins the World Trade Organization.
November 23rd, 1996 (November 23 1996)DeathMohamed Amin, Kenyan photojournalist (born in 1943)
November 23rd, 1996 (November 23 1996)DeathArt Porter, Jr., American jazz musician (born in 1961)
November 23rd, 1995 (November 23 1995)DeathLouis Malle, French film director (born in 1932)
November 23rd, 1995 (November 23 1995)DeathJr. Walker, American musician (born in 1931)
November 23rd, 1994 (November 23 1994)DeathArt Barr, American professional wrestler (born in 1966)
November 23rd, 1994 (November 23 1994)DeathTommy Boyce, American songwriter (born in 1939)
November 23rd, 1993 (November 23 1993)EventRachel Whiteread wins both the ?20,000 Turner Prize award for best British modern artist and the ?40,000 K Foundation art award for the worst artist of the year.
November 23rd, 1992 (November 23 1992)BirthMiley Cyrus, American actress and singerMiley Cyrus Quotes
November 23rd, 1992 (November 23 1992)DeathRoy Acuff, American country musician (born in 1903)
November 23rd, 1992 (November 23 1992)DeathJean-Francois Thiriart, Belgian politician (born in 1922)
November 23rd, 1991 (November 23 1991)BirthAnurag Kashyap, 2005 Scripps National Spelling Bee champion
November 23rd, 1991 (November 23 1991)DeathKlaus Kinski, German actor (born in 1926)Klaus Kinski Quotes
November 23rd, 1990 (November 23 1990)EventThe first all woman expedition to the south pole (3 Americans, 1 Japanese and 12 Russians), sets off from Antarctica on the 1st leg of a 70 day, 1287 kilometre ski trek.
November 23rd, 1990 (November 23 1990)DeathRoald Dahl, British author (born in 1916)
November 23rd, 1990 (November 23 1990)DeathBo Diaz, Venezuelan baseball player (born in 1953)
November 23rd, 1987 (November 23 1987)BirthNicklas Backstrom, Swedish ice hockey player
November 23rd, 1985 (November 23 1985)EventGunmen hijack EgyptAir Flight 648 while en route from Athens to Cairo. When the plane lands in Malta, Egyptian commandos storm the hijacked jetliner, but 60 people die in the raid.
November 23rd, 1985 (November 23 1985)BirthAhn Hyun-Soo, South Korean short track skater
November 23rd, 1984 (November 23 1984)BirthLucas Grabeel, American actor and singer
November 23rd, 1983 (November 23 1983)DeathJuhan Muks, Estonian artist (born in 1899)
November 23rd, 1982 (November 23 1982)BirthColby Armstrong, Canadian ice-hockey player
November 23rd, 1982 (November 23 1982)BirthAsafa Powell, Jamaican sprinter
November 23rd, 1981 (November 23 1981)EventIran-Contra Affair: Ronald Reagan signs the top secret National Security Decision Directive 17 (NSDD-17), giving the Central Intelligence Agency the authority to recruit and support Contra rebels in Nicaragua.Ronald Reagan Quotes
November 23rd, 1980 (November 23 1980)EventA series of earthquakes in southern Italy kills approximately 4,800 people.
November 23rd, 1980 (November 23 1980)BirthDavid Britz, American nano-technologist
November 23rd, 1980 (November 23 1980)BirthJonathan Papelbon, American baseball player
November 23rd, 1979 (November 23 1979)EventIn Dublin, Ireland, Irish Republican Army member Thomas McMahon is sentenced to life in prison for the assassination of Lord Mountbatten.
November 23rd, 1979 (November 23 1979)BirthKelly Brook, English actress/model
November 23rd, 1979 (November 23 1979)DeathMerle Oberon, British actress (born in 1911)
November 23rd, 1979 (November 23 1979)DeathJudee Sill, American musician and songwriter (born in 1944)
November 23rd, 1978 (November 23 1978)BirthKayvan Novak, English actor
November 23rd, 1977 (November 23 1977)BirthMyriam Boileau, Canadian diver
November 23rd, 1977 (November 23 1977)BirthAdam Eaton, American baseball player
November 23rd, 1976 (November 23 1976)EventApneist Jacques Mayol is the first man to reach a depth of 100 m undersea without breathing equipment.
November 23rd, 1976 (November 23 1976)BirthPage Kennedy, American actor
November 23rd, 1976 (November 23 1976)DeathAndre Malraux, French author (born in 1901)Andre Malraux Quotes
November 23rd, 1974 (November 23 1974)BirthJamie Sharper, American football player
November 23rd, 1974 (November 23 1974)BirthSaku Koivu, Finnish ice hockey player
November 23rd, 1974 (November 23 1974)DeathCornelius Ryan, Irish-born author (born in 1920)
November 23rd, 1973 (November 23 1973)BirthTrick Daddy, American rapper
November 23rd, 1973 (November 23 1973)DeathSessue Hayakawa, Japanese actor (born in 1889)
November 23rd, 1972 (November 23 1972)BirthChris Adler, American musician (Lamb of God)
November 23rd, 1972 (November 23 1972)DeathMarie Wilson, American actress (born in 1916)
November 23rd, 1971 (November 23 1971)EventThe representatives of the People s Republic of China first attended the United Nations, including the United Nations Security Council, as China s representatives (See China and the United Nations).
November 23rd, 1971 (November 23 1971)BirthLisa Arch, American actress
November 23rd, 1970 (November 23 1970)BirthZoe Ball, British television and radio presenter
November 23rd, 1970 (November 23 1970)BirthOded Fehr, Israeli actor
November 23rd, 1970 (November 23 1970)DeathYusof bin Ishak, first President of Singapore (born in 1910)
November 23rd, 1969 (November 23 1969)BirthJonathan Seet, Canadian singer
November 23rd, 1968 (November 23 1968)BirthHamid Hassani, Iranian lexicographer
November 23rd, 1968 (November 23 1968)BirthKirsty Young, Scottish television journalist
November 23rd, 1966 (November 23 1966)BirthVincent Cassel, French actor
November 23rd, 1966 (November 23 1966)BirthJerry Kelly, American professional golfer
November 23rd, 1966 (November 23 1966)DeathSean T. O Kelly, President of Ireland (born in 1882)
November 23rd, 1965 (November 23 1965)BirthJennifer Michael Hecht, American poet and historian
November 23rd, 1964 (November 23 1964)BirthFrank Rutherford, Bahamian athlete
November 23rd, 1963 (November 23 1963)BirthJoe Ahearne, British television director
November 23rd, 1963 (November 23 1963)BirthMamoru Takuma, Japanese mass murderer and rapist (died in 2004)
November 23rd, 1961 (November 23 1961)BirthMerv Hughes, Australian cricketer
November 23rd, 1961 (November 23 1961)BirthKeith Ablow, American psychiatrist and author
November 23rd, 1960 (November 23 1960)BirthRobin Roberts, American television reporter
November 23rd, 1959 (November 23 1959)EventGeneral Charles de Gaulle, President of France, declares in a speech in Strasbourg his vision for a "Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals."Charles de Gaulle Quotes
November 23rd, 1959 (November 23 1959)BirthMaxwell Caulfield, British actor
November 23rd, 1959 (November 23 1959)BirthDominique Dunne, American actress (died in 1982)
November 23rd, 1955 (November 23 1955)EventThe Cocos Islands are transferred from the control of the United Kingdom to Australia.
November 23rd, 1955 (November 23 1955)BirthSteven Brust, American author
November 23rd, 1955 (November 23 1955)BirthLudovico Einaudi, Italian composer and pianist
November 23rd, 1955 (November 23 1955)BirthMary Landrieu, American politician, senior senator of Louisiana
November 23rd, 1954 (November 23 1954)EventFor the first time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above the peak it reached just before the 1929 crash.
November 23rd, 1954 (November 23 1954)BirthBruce Hornsby, American musician
November 23rd, 1954 (November 23 1954)BirthGlenn Brummer, American baseball player
November 23rd, 1954 (November 23 1954)BirthRoss Brawn, British Honda Racing F1 team principal
November 23rd, 1953 (November 23 1953)BirthFrancis Cabrel, French singer
November 23rd, 1952 (November 23 1952)BirthBill Troiano, musician
November 23rd, 1951 (November 23 1951)BirthDavid Rappaport, English actor (died in 1990)
November 23rd, 1950 (November 23 1950)BirthChuck Schumer, American politician
November 23rd, 1948 (November 23 1948)BirthBruce Vilanch, American comedy writer
November 23rd, 1948 (November 23 1948)DeathHack Wilson, American baseball player (born in 1900)
November 23rd, 1946 (November 23 1946)EventThe Workers Party of South Korea is founded.
November 23rd, 1946 (November 23 1946)BirthBobby Rush, American politician
November 23rd, 1946 (November 23 1946)BirthGiorgos Koudas, Greek footballer
November 23rd, 1946 (November 23 1946)BirthDiana Quick, English actress
November 23rd, 1945 (November 23 1945)BirthKeith Hampshire, English singer-songwriter
November 23rd, 1945 (November 23 1945)BirthSteve Landesberg, American actor
November 23rd, 1945 (November 23 1945)BirthDennis Nilsen, Scottish serial killer
November 23rd, 1945 (November 23 1945)BirthJerry Harris, American sculptor
November 23rd, 1944 (November 23 1944)BirthJoe Eszterhas, Hungarian-born film producer and writer
November 23rd, 1944 (November 23 1944)BirthJames Toback, American writer and director
November 23rd, 1943 (November 23 1943)EventWorld War II: The Deutsche Opernhaus on Bismarckstra?e in the Berlin neighborhood of Charlottenburg is destroyedied in It will eventually be rebuilt in 1961 and be called the Deutsche Oper Berlin.
November 23rd, 1943 (November 23 1943)EventWorld War II: Tarawa and Makin atolls fall to American forces.
November 23rd, 1943 (November 23 1943)BirthAndrew Goodman, American civil rights activist (died in 1964)
November 23rd, 1943 (November 23 1943)BirthSue Nicholls, British actress
November 23rd, 1942 (November 23 1942)BirthSusan Anspach, American actress
November 23rd, 1941 (November 23 1941)BirthFranco Nero, Italian actor
November 23rd, 1940 (November 23 1940)BirthLuis Tiant, Cuban baseball player
November 23rd, 1939 (November 23 1939)BirthBetty Everett, American singer (died in 2001)
November 23rd, 1938 (November 23 1938)BirthEsko Nikkari, Finnish actor
November 23rd, 1937 (November 23 1937)DeathJagdish Chandra Bose, Indian physicist (born in 1858)
November 23rd, 1937 (November 23 1937)DeathGeorge Albert Boulenger, Belgian naturalist (born in 1858)
November 23rd, 1936 (November 23 1936)EventThe first edition of Life is published.
November 23rd, 1936 (November 23 1936)BirthRobert Barnard, British mystery writer
November 23rd, 1935 (November 23 1935)BirthVladislav Volkov, Soviet cosmonaut (died in 1971)
November 23rd, 1934 (November 23 1934)EventAn Anglo-Ethiopian boundary commission in the Ogaden discovers an Italian garrison at Walwal, which lay well within Ethiopian territory. This leads to the Abyssinia Crisis.
November 23rd, 1934 (November 23 1934)BirthRobert Towne, American screenwriter and director
November 23rd, 1934 (November 23 1934)BirthLew Hoad, Australian tennis player (died in 1994)
November 23rd, 1934 (November 23 1934)DeathGiovanni Brunero, Italian cyclist (born in 1895)
November 23rd, 1933 (November 23 1933)BirthKrzysztof Penderecki, Polish composer
November 23rd, 1932 (November 23 1932)BirthMichel David-Weill, French investment banker
November 23rd, 1931 (November 23 1931)BirthDervla Murphy, Irish traveller and author
November 23rd, 1931 (November 23 1931)BirthGloria Lynne, American singer
November 23rd, 1930 (November 23 1930)BirthJack McKeon, American baseball manager
November 23rd, 1929 (November 23 1929)BirthHal Lindsey, American evangelist and Christian writer
November 23rd, 1928 (November 23 1928)BirthJerry Bock, American Broadway composer
November 23rd, 1927 (November 23 1927)BirthGuy Davenport, American author, artist, and scholar (died in 2005)
November 23rd, 1926 (November 23 1926)BirthSathya Sai Baba, Indian guru and philosopher Sathya Sai Baba Quotes
November 23rd, 1925 (November 23 1925)BirthJohnny Mandel, American songwriter
November 23rd, 1925 (November 23 1925)BirthJose Napoleon Duarte, Salvadorian politician (died in 1990)
November 23rd, 1924 (November 23 1924)BirthPaula Raymond, American actress (died in 2003)
November 23rd, 1924 (November 23 1924)BirthColin Macmillan Turnbull, British-born anthropologist (died in 1994)
November 23rd, 1924 (November 23 1924)BirthAnita Linda, Filipino actress
November 23rd, 1923 (November 23 1923)BirthR. L. Burnside, American musician (died in 2005)
November 23rd, 1923 (November 23 1923)BirthDaniel Brewster, American democrat (died in 2007)
November 23rd, 1923 (November 23 1923)BirthBilly Haughton, American harness driver and trainer (died in 1986)
November 23rd, 1923 (November 23 1923)DeathUrmuz, Romanian writer (born in 1883)
November 23rd, 1922 (November 23 1922)BirthManuel Fraga Iribarne, president of Spanish Galicia
November 23rd, 1921 (November 23 1921)BirthFred Buscaglione, Italian singer and actor (died in 1960)
November 23rd, 1920 (November 23 1920)BirthPaul Celan, Romanian-born German poet (died in 1970)
November 23rd, 1920 (November 23 1920)BirthWayne Thiebaud, American painter
November 23rd, 1915 (November 23 1915)BirthJohn Dehner, American actor (died in 1992)
November 23rd, 1914 (November 23 1914)EventThe US Army retreats from Mexico.
November 23rd, 1914 (November 23 1914)BirthRoger Avon, Durham actor (died in 1998)
November 23rd, 1914 (November 23 1914)BirthMichael Gough, English actor
November 23rd, 1912 (November 23 1912)BirthGeorge O Hanlon, American actor (died in 1989)
November 23rd, 1909 (November 23 1909)BirthNigel Tranter, British historian and writer (died in 2000)
November 23rd, 1908 (November 23 1908)BirthNelson S. Bond, American science fiction writer (died in 2006)
November 23rd, 1907 (November 23 1907)BirthLars Leksell, Swedish physician (died in 1986)
November 23rd, 1903 (November 23 1903)EventColorado Governor James Peabody sends the state militia into the town of Cripple Creek to break up a miners strike.
November 23rd, 1902 (November 23 1902)BirthVictor Jory, Canadian actor (died in 1982)
November 23rd, 1902 (November 23 1902)DeathWalter Reed, American bacteriologist (born in 1851)
November 23rd, 1897 (November 23 1897)BirthNirad C. Chaudhuri, Indian writer (died in 1999)
November 23rd, 1897 (November 23 1897)BirthKarl Gebhardt, Nazi doctor (died in 1948)
November 23rd, 1892 (November 23 1892)BirthErte, French artist (died in 1990)
November 23rd, 1890 (November 23 1890)EventKing William III of the Netherlands dies without a male heir and a special law is passed to allow his daughter Princess Wilhelmina to become his heir.William King Quotes
November 23rd, 1890 (November 23 1890)EventGeneral elections in Italy.
November 23rd, 1890 (November 23 1890)BirthEl Lissitzky, Russian artist and architect (died in 1941)
November 23rd, 1890 (November 23 1890)DeathKing William III of the Netherlands (born in 1817)William King Quotes
November 23rd, 1889 (November 23 1889)EventThe first jukebox goes into operation at the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco.
November 23rd, 1888 (November 23 1888)BirthHarpo Marx, American comedian (died in 1964)Harpo Marx Quotes
November 23rd, 1887 (November 23 1887)BirthEduardo Corrochio, Spanish-born dancer (died in 1943)
November 23rd, 1887 (November 23 1887)BirthBoris Karloff, British actor (died in 1969)
November 23rd, 1887 (November 23 1887)BirthHenry Moseley, English physicist (died in 1915)
November 23rd, 1883 (November 23 1883)BirthJose Clemente Orozco, Mexican painter (died in 1949)
November 23rd, 1876 (November 23 1876)EventCorrupt Tammany Hall leader William Marcy Tweed (better known as Boss Tweed) is delivered to authorities in New York City after being captured in Spain.
November 23rd, 1876 (November 23 1876)BirthManuel de Falla, Spanish composer (died in 1946)
November 23rd, 1875 (November 23 1875)BirthAnatoly Lunacharsky, Russian literary critic and politician (died in 1933)
November 23rd, 1869 (November 23 1869)EventIn Dumbarton, Scotland, the clipper Cutty Sark is launchedone of the last clippers ever to be built, and the only one still surviving to this day.
November 23rd, 1869 (November 23 1869)BirthValdemar Poulsen, Danish engineer (died in 1942)
November 23rd, 1867 (November 23 1867)EventThe Manchester Martyrs were hanged in Manchester, England for rescuing two Irish men from jail.
November 23rd, 1864 (November 23 1864)BirthHenry Bourne Joy, American automobile executive (died in 1936)
November 23rd, 1863 (November 23 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Chattanooga beginsUnion forces led by General Ulysses S. Grant reinforce troops at Chattanooga, Tennessee and counter-attack Confederate troops.Ulysses S. Grant Quotes
November 23rd, 1861 (November 23 1861)BirthKonstantin Korovin, Russian painter (died in 1939)
November 23rd, 1860 (November 23 1860)BirthHjalmar Branting, Prime Minister of Sweden, and Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1925)
November 23rd, 1859 (November 23 1859)BirthBilly The Kid, American outlaw (died in 1881(?))
November 23rd, 1844 (November 23 1844)EventIndependence of the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein from Denmark.
November 23rd, 1837 (November 23 1837)BirthJohannes Diderik van der Waals, Dutch physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1923)
November 23rd, 1833 (November 23 1833)DeathJean-Baptiste Jourdan, French marshal (born in 1762)
November 23rd, 1820 (November 23 1820)BirthIsaac Todhunter, British mathematician (died in 1884)
November 23rd, 1814 (November 23 1814)DeathElbridge Gerry, Vice President of the United States of America (born in 1744)
November 23rd, 1807 (November 23 1807)DeathJean-Francois Rewbell, French politician (born in 1747)
November 23rd, 1804 (November 23 1804)BirthFranklin Pierce, 14th President of the United States (died in 1869)Franklin Pierce Quotes
November 23rd, 1804 (November 23 1804)DeathRichard Graves, British writer (born in 1715)
November 23rd, 1803 (November 23 1803)DeathRoger Newdigate, British politician (born in 1719)
November 23rd, 1785 (November 23 1785)BirthJan Roothaan, Dutch priest (died in 1853)
November 23rd, 1783 (November 23 1783)DeathYoriyuki Arima, Japanese mathematician (born in 1714)
November 23rd, 1769 (November 23 1769)DeathConstantine Mavrocordatos, Prince of Wallachia and Prince of Moldavia (born in 1711)
November 23rd, 1763 (November 23 1763)DeathFriedrich Graf von Seckendorf, German soldier (born in 1673)
November 23rd, 1760 (November 23 1760)BirthFrancois-Noel Babeuf, French revolutionary (died in 1797)
November 23rd, 1749 (November 23 1749)BirthEdward Rutledge, U.S. statesman (died in 1800)
November 23rd, 1719 (November 23 1719)BirthSpranger Barry, Irish actor (died in 1777)
November 23rd, 1715 (November 23 1715)BirthPierre Charles Le Monnier, French astronomer (died in 1799)
November 23rd, 1705 (November 23 1705)BirthThomas Birch, English historian (died in 1766)
November 23rd, 1682 (November 23 1682)DeathClaude Lorrain, French painter (born in 1604)
November 23rd, 1654 (November 23 1654)EventFrench mathematician, scientist, and religious philosopher Blaise Pascal experiences an intense, mystical vision that marks him for life.Blaise Pascal Quotes
November 23rd, 1644 (November 23 1644)EventAreopagitica, a pamphlet decrying censorship, and written by John Milton is published.John Milton Quotes
November 23rd, 1641 (November 23 1641)BirthAnthonie Heinsius, Dutch statesman (died in 1720)
November 23rd, 1632 (November 23 1632)BirthJean Mabillon, French palaeographer and diplomat (died in 1707)
November 23rd, 1616 (November 23 1616)BirthJohn Wallis, English mathematician (died in 1703)
November 23rd, 1616 (November 23 1616)DeathRichard Hakluyt, English writer (born in 1552)
November 23rd, 1585 (November 23 1585)DeathThomas Tallis, English composer (born in 1505)
November 23rd, 1572 (November 23 1572)DeathAgnolo di Cosimo, Italian artist and poet (born in 1503)
November 23rd, 1553 (November 23 1553)BirthProspero Alpini, Italian physician and botanist (died in 1617)
November 23rd, 1531 (November 23 1531)EventThe Second war of Kappel results in the dissolution of the Protestant alliance in Switzerland.
November 23rd, 1503 (November 23 1503)DeathMargaret of York, wife of Charles I, Duke of Burgundy (born in 1446)
November 23rd, 1503 (November 23 1503)DeathBona of Savoy, Italian noblewoman (born in 1449)
November 23rd, 1499 (November 23 1499)EventPretender to the throne Perkin Warbeck is hanged for reportedly attempting to escape from the Tower of London. He had invaded England in 1497, claiming to be the lost son of King Edward IV of England.
November 23rd, 1499 (November 23 1499)DeathPerkin Warbeck, Flemish imposter (born in 1474)
November 23rd, 1457 (November 23 1457)DeathKing Ladislaus Posthumus of Bohemia and Hungary (born in 1440)
November 23rd, 1417 (November 23 1417)BirthWilliam FitzAlan, 16th Earl of Arundel, English politician (died in 1487)
November 23rd, 1407 (November 23 1407)DeathLouis of Valois, Duke of Orleans, brother of Charles VI of France (murdered) (born in 1372)
November 23rd, 1402 (November 23 1402)BirthJean de Dunois, French soldier (died in 1468)
November 23rd, 1248 (November 23 1248)EventConquest of Seville by the Christian troops under King Ferdinand III of Castile.
November 23rd, 1227 (November 23 1227)EventPolish Prince Leszek I the White is assassinated at an assembly of Piast dukes at Gasawa.
November 23rd, 1221 (November 23 1221)BirthKing Alfonso X of Castile (died in 1284) Alfonso X of Castile Quotes
November 23rd, 0955 (November 23 0955)DeathEdred, King of England (born in c. 923)
November 23rd, 0947 (November 23 0947)DeathBerthold, Duke of Bavaria
November 23rd, 0912 (November 23 0912)BirthOtto I the Great, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 973)
November 23rd, 0800 (November 23 0800)EventCharlemagne arrives at Rome to investigate the alleged crimes of Pope Leo III. Charlemagne Quotes

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